Safety is Fun!


Check out the video to prepare for your day at the carnival!

Safety Record

  • Rides are inspected daily
  • Drug-free company since 1993
  • No major incidents in over 50 years

Our Certifications

  • OSHA-approved fencing
  • NDT testing on rides
  • Certified mobile kitchens


  • No line-cutting – That’s just rude.
  • No baggy clothing or chains – You don’t want to be caught hanging by your pants.
  • No climbing fences – They were not built to support your weight and can tip over.
  • Keep hands and feet inside the rides – Your body cannot compete with metal.
  • Stay seated while on rides – Standing up can put you and your fellow riders in danger.
  • Don’t rock your seat while on the rides – You might rock out.
  • Obey height requirements – They are set for your safety by the ride manufacturer. Check out the Attractions tab for height requirements.
  • No pregnant riders – Sorry. We insist.
  • A cast requires a ride release Obtain a ride release from the carnival office. You may be restricted from some rides.