Midway Games

Midway Games

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You will find fun and exciting games, including Machine Guns X2, Duck Pond, the Car-Racing Roller Derby, Large Balloon Game, Basketball Hoop Shoot, Ring-A-Duck, High Striker and more. There’s really something for everyone. Test your skill, win a prize but, most of all, have fun.

Midway Games


Exchange coins for tokens. Place the token in the slot and watch the dozer push more tokens and prizes over the edge.

Frog Pond

Frog fishing. Catch a frog and see what prize he has in his mouth.

Machine Guns

Shoot out the star and win!

Duck Pond

Dip and duck. Small, medium or large are written on the bottom. Trade up for bigger prizes.

The Car-Racing Roller Derby

This one is like a group pinball game. The faster you roll, the faster your car goes across the board, racing against the other players. The more players, the bigger the prize.

Balloon Pop

Pop ’til you drop! The more balloons you pop, the bigger the prize. Every player is a winner!

Small Balloon Pop

Same game, only smaller.

One-Ball Pitch

Knock over all three stacked bottles with a ball to win a prize.


This can really be a family affair. You get a whole bucket of rings and you just need to throw a ring on a bottle to win.

Basketball Hoop Shoot

Classic B-ball. Just one in the hoop wins.


Giant ducks swimming around in a pond. What could be so hard about that? These innocent ducks are more challenging to ring than you think! That’s why the prizes are so large when you finally do bag that duck.

Ladder Climb Challenge

Plan to spend some time getting your balance before heading up the ladder. Climb to the top and ring the bell to win.

High Striker

An old-time game with a high-tech spin! Think strong man with striped unitard suit and mustache. Swing the giant hammer to test your skill and strength!