Food Concessions

Food Concessions

All Carnival Fun Food stands now accept credit and debit card!

Enjoy a large variety of quality food delivered with fast and friendly service.

From corn dogs to candy apples, cotton candy to soft drinks – Everything you remember and others you’ve only heard your friends talking about. Come and enjoy the wonderful treats and food you can only get at the carnival.

“I built this carnival on cotton candy!”
Claire Morton, Golden Wheel founder. Claire’s original cotton candy wagon is refurbished and ready to serve cotton candy!

food concessions

The Fatty Shack

Your new BFF! Where everything is BIG, FAT and FRIED. Colossal corn dogs. Single, double, triple and heart attack burgers. Home of the original corn hog – one foot long, wrapped in bacon, deep fried, dipped in homemade corn batter and then deep fried again.

Burger Palace

1950s-themed, drive-in style burgers, fries, hot dogs, corn dogs and Coca-Cola.

Claire’s Candy

Mega-monster and mini-monster cotton candy, chewy cherry candy apples and caramel apples made from fresh gala apples!

Newton’s Apples and Candy

Cotton candy, candy and caramel apples. Add fun and tasty toppings like Pop Rocks, coconut, chocolate chips, peanuts and sprinkles to your apples.

Sundae Cakes

Funnel cakes and ice cream!
Frosty root beer floats, coffee, ice cream sundaes, funnel cakes and soft-serve ice cream with a variety of toppings.

The Candy Factory

If you’re only looking for cotton candy, this little stand is where you should go.